I am a local historian and writer of Fenland Histories and Fenland Mysteries. I also enjoy giving talks in the local area, all of them based on Fenland history.

Though I have been writing all my life, it was while working at the National Trust’s Peckover House in Wisbech that I felt the time had come to have something published. And so, in 2015  'A Georgian House on the Brink' came into being, my first local history book. The following year I wrote the first of the Fenland Mysteries, 'Quiet, While Dollie Sings.' The other books flowed on from there. In fact, it is difficult now not to write. It has become the normal morning activity, as well as seeing to Polly the cat’s requirements, to write between 7am and 10am, unless I have to be somewhere early!

I love the Fens. There is something wild about them, despite all that is done to tame them and to control their age-old will to be under water. As Monica observes in ‘In The Wash’, I often feel that, though obediently drained and producing crops, their patience could snap at any moment and they’d flood, ‘just for the hell of it.’ 

I also love my town of Wisbech. Like the Fens that surround it, it does not suffer from an overload of glamour, but it has so much history buried beneath its stones and written into its walls. And it gives me so much to write about.