'The Lazar House' set the record for the enjoying the longest stay ever at the publisher's; something to do with the rush up to Christmas, I suppose. At long last, however, it is published and I have received my first copy. It is now available on Amazon, Waterstones Online etc.

A new generation of seneschal and the Tilneye family once more involve themselves in the solving of a poisoning in the Wisbech of 1339. The setting for this mystery is the Lazar House, the leper hospital which at that time sat on the boundary between Elm and Wisbech.

There are no modern day characters this time. Unlike 'In The Wash', there is no complicated historical background to be explained by them. The medieval characters cope with it all unaided.

The unpredictability of Covid once more hangs over us all. Having had all but one of last year's talks cancelled due to restrictions in public gatherings, bookings have once more started to come in and 2022's diary is pleasingly filling up. Almost a year ago, Downham Market Lecture Society booked a series of five talks with me for January and February 2022. I have therefore been busy in preparing five different talks, which are due to begin just after Christmas. But will they? We just do not know. Omicron will have the last word, no doubt.

In the meantime, though, I truly hope that 'The Lazar House' is as pleasant to read as it was to write.

Happy Christmas to you all!

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