This Coronavirus year is getting a bit much now. There is probably no one in this country who isn’t affected in some way, and not for the better.

I had been looking forward to a year with more talks than ever in the diary, but of course one by one they were all cancelled. Or postponed. Far more positive to say postponed. That suggests that life will soon pick up, that we’ll soon be able to go back out there and start where we left off.

Fair enough, I thought. Others have far worse problems than me. They have lost jobs. Many businesses, after all the hard work it took to set them up, risk closure because of Covid 19.

One of the effects of this virus is that much of life has moved online and online is not a place I’m comfortable in. I had this website created and I post the odd piece on Facebook, but I am a dinosaur, not even a closet one, a creature that thrived best in the days of the Jurassic and the pre-social media age.

I’ve been asked by a few groups lately to give talks via Zoom, something I was decidedly uncomfortable with. Staring into a screen as you speak is not at all like standing in a hall, physically in front of people and being able to walk up and down a bit, but having done a lot of thinking I realise I ought to give it a go. We all have to adapt in order to move on and maybe that means I should try to leave the Jurassic behind. So here goes; for better or for worse, I am Zooming. Whatever that means.

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