A Georgian House on the Brink
  • A Georgian House on the Brink

    This was my first book, the first of the Fenland Histories.  

    At the time I was beginning to compile notes for it in 2014, I was very active in setting up exhibitions for the National Trust’s Peckover House on North Brink, Wisbech. I had been writing for decades by then and thought it was about time I had something published. A book about Peckover and its place in Georgian Wisbech and the Fens seemed a good place to start.

    As the blurb on the back of the book reads,

    ‘Peckover House was built at a very good time...

    In rediscovering Georgian Peckover and the bustling, prosperous town of eighteenth century Wisbech, old maps, books and letters have played their part. The town that is revealed brings a great many surprises, as well as feeling comfortably familiar.

    Wisbech, with its role in a fast developing Britain, has told many of its secrets. Not all though; there will always be mysteries, making it all the more fascinating.’