In the Wash: A Fenland Mystery Set in the Time of King John
  • In the Wash: A Fenland Mystery Set in the Time of King John

    This is the third Fenland Mystery, this time focussing on the time of King John’s visit to Wisbech in 1216. The research for this book was fascinating, not to mention challenging, and it was truly enjoyable to sketch out the Wisbech of those times, when the castle dominated the skyline and the Church formed the framework for everyday life.

    Some familiar modern day characters from ‘The Quayside Poet’ appear, bringing in the two time zone aspect once more.

    The blurb reads,

    ‘‘Just find it.’

    These are the words which Rufus of Tilneye cannot get out of his head. Words which become ever more significant as he sets out from Wisbech Castle on a quest he wants no part in.

    The year is 1216 and Rufus is travelling in the company of Milo Fulk, the seneschal for the Isle of Ely. Their orders are simple; to find an item of royal property lost in the Wash when King John’s baggage train made its catastrophic crossing. But they are not alone in their search. There are others prepared to go to any lengths to get what they want. To them, betrayal, pain, even murder, are just unavoidable consequences.

    Eight hundred years into the future, the legend of King John’s lost treasure still holds fascination for many. Museum curator Monica and members of the Wisbech Heritage Society are intent on delving into the past to find out what really happened. 

    As Milo and Rufus’ search becomes ever more desperate, taking them on a journey through the marshy wilderness of the medieval Fens, Monica and the local society in modern times strive to discover the ancient truth. It may be closer than they think.’