The Quayside Poet: A Fenland Mystery
  • The Quayside Poet: A Fenland Mystery

    This is the second Fenland Mystery and the first to use an historical theme and two time zones. Wisbech has such an interesting and lively history and it was entertaining to set part of this story in its prosperous Georgian past, also to bring in some real characters from that time.

    The blurb reads,

    ‘Sometimes the truth lies hidden for years. Sometimes it is merely mislaid.

    Joshua Ambrose, poet and merchant of the Georgian town of Wisbech, rubs shoulders with some interesting neighbours in his everyday life. Among them are the anti-slavery campaigner Thomas Clarkson and the Quaker banker Jonathan Peckover. In 1799, with its wealthy merchants and prosperous port, Wisbech is enjoying its heyday as a centre of progress, vitality and trade.

    Yet none of this helps Joshua with the choices he has to make. Their repercussions will still be creating havoc more than two centuries later.

    Monica Kerridge, in her battle to save her beloved Poet’s House Museum, has only flimsy clues to guide her. Her search for the truth leads her from the Fens to Dorset as she follows in the footsteps of the poet. But neither Monica nor her small team, not even the Poet’s House itself, can change the past, however much of its mystery they unravel.

    They can only hope to escape it.’