Webbed Feet and Wildfowlers
  • Webbed Feet and Wildfowlers

    Having written a Georgian history of Wisbech and the Fens, I decided to go right back to the beginning and look at the region’s early history. ‘Webbed Feet’ starts in pre-history and ends at the dawn of the Tudor period. It is the second of the Fenland Histories.

    From the blurb;

    ‘Bronze Age fishermen, Roman engineers, Saxon Christians, Norman nobles – Fenland has been home to them all. And without exception, whether noble or villein, bishop or serf, they’ve all had to cope with life in this marshy, rebellious land.

    This book is not really about nobles or bishops, though they make more than their fair share of appearances. It is about the ordinary Fenland folk and the many challenges that faced them in early times.

    As the small town of Wisbech rose from its humble Saxon origins to prominence as a medieval assize town, it withstood years of flood, disease, invasion and the changing will of many masters.’